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19 juin, 2006


"Boobie Short Order Prime Ministers"

The following post is temporary and may vanish from this site at anytime. hope you enjoyed it as I did.

George summoned their prime minister
To take a conference call
A "sovereign" for two years now
George really had a ball
In using him for wallpaper
Which really took some gall

Inside the Green Zone Castle where
The puppets spend their day
The visiting American
Was questioned in this way:
"How would you like your PM, sir?"
And George said: "Right away!"

"I've had a lot of practice at
This poodle thing, you know.
Just ask the British Tony Blair
Whom I have kept in tow
So long that his own parliament
Would like him now to go."

Those new Iraqi ministers
Who sometimes come to work
Through checkpoint mazes mostly manned
By some young GI jerk
Expect for us to treat them like
A fast food counter clerk

"We've got 'em by the short hairs now,"
The short-haired George let slip
"We come and go just when we please
And don't take any lip
From 'sovereigns' who need to know
Few details of our trip."

By this disdain George clearly showed
A fundamental knack
For treating the entire world
To spectacles that lack
The least regard for protocol:
For who respects a flack?

Of course the point at issued had
Just this insult to show
To fanboy fascists rapt at home
Before the TV's glow
Who thrilled as George's posing made
Their little weenies grow

Just like the days of Nguyen Kao Ky
And Ngo Dinh Diem who
Preceded in a puppet show
The stalwart Nguyen Van Thieu:
Parades of puppet "presidents"
Humiliated, too

But disrespected puppets have
A way of getting back
At puerile puppeteers who think
Their strings contain no slack
They simply lay down on the job
Or else join the attack

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copright 2006

Like a thief in the night, the President of the United States must sneak into and out of the country he "liberated" three years and three months ago. Thus, we have this second little ditty:

"Deputy Dubya's Sneak Public Relations"

In Baghdad, our ambassador
So-called: the Afghan Hound
Had vetoed the Iraqi choice,
To throw his weight around

So now for their Prime Minister
Iraq has got our guy
Whose lack of credibility
Makes Colin Powell sigh

George summoned on short notice
This "leader" he had picked
Then as the world watched, mortified,
George Bush's boots he licked

George looked him in the eyeball
To see the inner man
Then saw what he had come to see:
The planning of a plan!

They plan to play mechanic
They've planned the script and scene
They plan to work the levers of
Their Rube Goldberg machine

They plan on repetition
The public mind to sway
They plan to say they have a plan
Three hundred times a day

George slept on 9/11
Then saw his great big chance:
He'd cover up for failure by
Concocting a romance!

He had no plan for "victory"
He barely had a prayer
Still, if he could not fight them "here"
He'd fight them "over there"

So now Iraq means "over there"
A place where George can fight
The "terrorism" he creates
'Cause he can't get things right

Deep in the Green Zone Castle
Surrounded by high walls
George makes his visit unannounced
Which shows he has no balls

Why not do that "flypaper" thing,
Just like those troops of his?
Why not attract some "flies" to show
The genius that he is?

Repuglicans ran Congress, too
This meant they got to say
How they "supported troops" but gave
Themselves a raise in pay

They made a valiant effort
They sought to pass the buck
So at a doughnut rolling 'round
They took a flying fuck

Frustrated "over there," George planned
To move around and roam
Conducting all-out war against
His critics back at home

He planned to show activity
He planned to have a plan
Then focused on the nearest straws
Like any drowning man

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright 2006

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